Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week Eleven

Again with forgetting to keep this thing updated. Blast. Anyway, I'm officially out of the gym, have not stepped back in it! Enjoying the runs outside, with being at West Point overlooking the Hudson River it's hard not to!!

Day 31, March 16: Starting doing my 5 mile out and back. If I start from home, go on post out around Cadet area and back it's 5.22 miles. Pretty run with hills mixed in. Ran it in 55 minutes and 23 seconds. I've learned how to link up to my iPod with the stopwatch, and I'm using my website more. Ran a 10:35 average going 5.66 miles/hr! May need to slow my pace a bit!

Day 32, March 18: Did the same run, slowing up my pace a bit so I don't get burnt out. Ran it in an hour and 1 minute, averaging 11:43/mile and going about 5.11 speed.

Day 33, March 21: Moved my long run to Sunday because we had things going on Saturday. Used a gel pack halfway through my run for the first time and I really noticed a difference. It boosted up my energy when I felt myself starting to drag. I ran from the house, through Cadet area, all the way to Lee gate and up to Keller Hospital, then back down Washington Road back home. My total distance was 8.89 miles, ran it in 1 hour 41 minutes and 16 seconds. Had a 11:22 mile average with 5.27 mph

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