Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week Thirteen

Three weeks to go before race day and the long runs are getting longer! The test this week is a 12.5 mile run. It's only .6 away from my half marathon lenght, so time to see how I truely can do, and what I need to work on before race day!

Day 37, March 30: No run today, still feeling a little under the weather, need to take a rest!

Day 38, April 1: Ran a marathon! Bah ha, April Fools :) Adjusted my lenght and did 5.12 through Cadet area, still getting over the sicky grossness so tried to slow the pace down a bit. Ran it in 59 minutes, 13 seconds at 5.19mph

Day 39, April 3: LONG RUN!!! Had a lacrosse game in the morning/afternoon and wanted to get home by the time the first Final Four game started at 6pm, so that was my main goal. Mapped out my run on the website, so started out at my house and ran all the way to the toll booth, across Bear Mountain Bridge and back past the house onto post, up to the Doubleday Baseball stadium and back home. 12.5 miles. Ran most of the way, with mini stops. Completed it in 2 hours and 29 minutes, so just under 2:30. I should have no problem finishing my race in 2:45!!! Pace was 11:55/mile with a 5.03mph average. I got these energy jelly beans I ate about mile four, then stopped at the house on my way through to grab a drink of this sports energy thing I had. About mile 10.5 my hamstring was cramping up a bit, but I stretched it out and continued on. It felt like such and accomplishment to run that far, and really gives me the confidence to know I can finish this race in a few weeks!!!

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