Monday, January 23, 2012

Registration for the year

So I've planned out my major races for 2012 and registered for one, with another registration on the way February 1st. June 23rd I will be running the Rock n'Roll Seattle Half, day before my 29th birthday! Next up will be the Greater Portland Half August 4th with my friend Allison, we've already ran one half together and it's been a great adventure to get to run races with her! I love having someone else standing there to cheer you on, someone you can motivate as well. Plus whenever we get together it's entertaining for everyone else too.

The big race of the year will be the Chicago Marathon on October 7th. This is the giant race, the one I will focus all my hard work and energy on. I have big plans for this race and I hope all goes right to accomplish. To complete one of the five major marathons in the world will be such an experience, the others are NYC and Boston, London and Berlin. We'll see beyond Chicago; course I've caught myself saying that on here a few times in regards to the "we'll see's"....

I am sure there will be some smaller races thrown in the mix this year, but these are my 'majors' for 2012. Kind of want to run Vegas in December if I can work it out, that would be the fun one of the year. Since when did I think running 4 races in a year was FUN?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 goals

I like to write my goals down, I think there's something about accountability in that. New Year's day I sat down and planned out my training schedule for the year, races I plan to run and how it's all going to work out. My main goal is to run in the Chicago Marathon. It's one of the fastest courses, so it would be WONDERFUL to get under 4:30 as a time. Hopefully closer to 4 hours, and with proper training that should be possible.

Other races include the Seattle half marathon in June, and as part of my Chicago training, the greater Portland half in August. Aside from these, I've written out an extensive training plan starting this week. Excited to be in Pullman and start running around the campus and hang out at the Rec Center! Great opportunities and travel are in the near future...