Friday, January 29, 2010

Week Four

Week four includes bumping up the distance to 2.6 miles. As the milage gets longer I realize it's not that hard, by the time it goes up again I think I feel ready for it to go longer. I say that now, but not sure how I'm going to feel when it starts going above six miles! :)

Day 10, Jan 26: First day running 2.6 miles and I was really nervous about it. Turns out it went really well, and I was so excited when that 2.6 finally hit! What an accomplishment to actually run more than two miles (for me anyway). I stayed with my 4.8 pace, ran 25:34 for two miles and my full time was 33:04.

Day 11, Jan 28: Changed up my playlist which turned out to be a terrible idea. It wasn't very good and I was distracted the entire time. Plus my shorts didn't have the iPod pocket so I had to hold it, which was obnoxious. However I've started to get used to my new favorite treadmill, and at the end (before I do the cool down) I hit 'end workout' and it will tally up all my stats. Today my two miles were 25:06, my 2.6 was 32:37, I ran an average of 4.78 mph and my average mile time was 12:33. Not to bad! Definalty feeling great about this running thing. Saturday the running group is starting, however it's FREEZING outside so I think I'm going to forgo it this week. I don't think dying on my first outdoor run would be all that great....

Day 12, Jan 30: I'm horrible and have been forgetting to update my blog, so just adding this day's stats: Ran 2.6 in 32:41 at my 4.8mph pace average mile time was 12:34!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week Three

So technically I am on week four in terms of my training guide, but my real week one was the first of the year and I went snowboarding for the first time this season....13 weeks until the race so I'm still good :)

Day 7, Jan 19: I've gotten past my forgetfulness of hitting pause and not going again fast enough...for now. Ran a little bit faster because I'm not really feeling the workout anymore, I am, just not at what I'd like. 4.8 speed so mile was 12:40 and 2 mile was 25:09. I like the pace so I might keep it at that for a while. The stretching after helps so much, I'm hardly sore at all anymore! Remembering little things from my track days like not to swing my arms in front of me (criss crossing across my body) because it swings the hips more, bad running form. My calves are holding up quite nicely, I had bad problems with that in track as well, but they're happy for the time being. I can't wait until I get my NIke+ braclet and can start running outside, I need a change of scenery away from the gym.....

Day 8, Jan 21: Thursday nights have been Hannah goes to the gym on her own days, which is good because it pushes me to still go, not just the guilt of someone is waiting for me. The gym wasn't too packed, which was weird since on Tuesday I had to wait for a treadmill. I grabbed one of the last treadmills in the row, it was different from the others. COOLEST TREADMILL EVER. It has this screen on it with a 400 meter track and will show you your distance, how many laps and such. Perfect for a former sprinter who measures distance in laps anyway! This was definaly a motivation!! It had all these cords I didn't pay too much attention to, I just set my speed (4.8) and went on my way. Average mile time 12:30, first mile was 12:50 and my two mile time was 25:19. When I finished my cooldown the treadmill asked if I wanted to save my info on a USB port. What? I was instantly intreged so I went to the front desk to ask more about this new technology. Turns out it syncs with...ta da! The Nike+ and my iPod! AWESOME! So if I plug this in it will store my data and I can upload it to my website. This morning I was playing with my iPod, checking out the settings and discovered I already have Nike+ uploaded on now I don't even have to get the expensive wristband I can just get the sensor and start running outside! I'm going to try and get that same treadmill tomorrow for my Saturday run and start testing it out....

Day 9, Jan 23: The gym was having an all morning health and fitness expo so Allison and I went to check it out. We got to the gym about 8:30am and got a tour of the strenght equipment, and then they were doing a fitness class sampler, where you got to 'test out' the classes for 15 minutes each. The first one was body pump...baaaaad idea. We had 7 1/2 lb weights on either side and went through a class in the 15 minutes. I think I worked arm muscles I didn't even know existed. Honestly, they still hurt and it's Monday. We also did a spin class, but had to cut out of the rest of the classes to go do measurements and weigh-in. I know I don't need to lose weight, but it's all part of the process. 109.2lb, not too shabby! The guy thought I was 18, which was pretty entertaining and he didn't believe I'm actually 26. After the weigh-in we went and ran, my time was a little slower because I kept getting distracted in the beginning. Toward the end I dropped my iPod, it was still dangling on the earphone cord so I went to grab it, forgetting that I was still running at 4.8mph. Needless to say I almost fell off the treadmill and entertained Allison, and half the gym. Week four is a jump to 2.6 miles so here we go!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week Two

Day 4, Jan 12: Bumped up my distance to 2 miles, so that was a treat. I ran at 4.7 speed with a .5 incline, trying to bump up my time as well. It didn't hurt as bad as I was anticipating; my mile time was 12:55 and my 2 miles was 25:42! The only bad thing was I had no water. I went to buy a bottle prior to my workout, however I learned to actually check if the number you hit has water loaded...$1.25 waisted and a very thirsty Hannah for half an hour. Baaaad idea. We stretched afterward, something we have failed to remember to do yet. I noticed I wasn't nearly as sore when I woke up yesterday so yay! Two weeks of 2 miles before it goes up to 2.6 miles, I think this training schedule is very doable, and I'm happy to have people to do it with. Allison's FINALLY back from her adventures and will be joining me at the gym tonight, then Subway afterward. Whoohoo!

Day 5, Jan 14: Researched today and realized a good mile time for a half marathon is around 16 minutes, that would put my half at 3 hours and 19 minutes. So now my focus will be on PACE and DISTANCE rather than trying to go fast. Makes sense since I'll be running for longer, don't want to burn out! 2 miles again today, 4.7 speed ran in 26:47 with my first mile at 13:40. I ran my first mile then Allison walked in and I got distracted. Lesson learned with that one because apparently your treadmill restarts if you don't unpause it. Whoops. Felt pretty good after, did some more stretching and ready for Saturday's run! One thing I really need to focus on is to STOP EATING SUGAR AND CANDY. Seriously, it surrounds me and I can't stop. I'm eating Milk Duds right now.....sigh.

Day 6, Jan 16: Was at the office at 6:30am this morning (Saturday) to work the Gymnastics Open, so I took off about 11am to hit the gym. Was EXAUSTED so I didn't think it'd be that fun but Debbie and I kicked butt today! The treadmill decided to be really fun and was on pause for one minute before it restarted, so I guess I'll have to be more aware of my breaks. Or stop taking them. Ran at a spead of 4.6 no incline for 26:37, mile time 13:14. Went to Subway after the gym and got a sandwich, chocolate milk and yogurt. Trying to stay away from the sweets. UGH, temptations...

Next week is still 2 miles so working on my pace and getting set to go up to 2.6 miles for week four! Happy Running!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week One

Yesterday I started my 16 week training process to run my first half-marathon on April 25 in New York City's Central Park. My background is six years as a sprinter, never racing more than a 400 meter so I figure this will be quite a challenge.

Day 1, Jan 5: Went to the gym with some co-workers. Ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill at 4.2 speed in about 22 minutes. Much better than I thought working out for the first time in about nine schedule said 1.5 miles OR 30 minutes, whichever came first so feeling pretty good! Woke up in the morning and calves are kind of the point where I walked down the stairs and about fell over. Had oatmeal for breakfast so on a roll! Next scheduled 'run' date is Saturday, but I might go in Thursday for a little cardio.

Goal is obviously to finish the half-marathon, but the restriction is finish it in 4 hours, so here we go!

Day 2, Jan 7: Alone at the gym today, so had to build up some motivation to go. Would rather sit in my sweatpants, but we have goals to keep up people! Gym was pretty empty, which was nice, so I hopped on a treadmill and got to work. Same schedule as Day 1...1.5 miles at 4.2 speed in 22 minutes. 21:56 actually. My mile time right now is a little over 14, so working on getting that down. Calves are still sore, something I dealt with a lot during my high school track career, so I need to figure that one out soon. Overall, very pleased! See you Saturday Gym!!

Day 3, Jan 9: Saturday morning...duh duh duh. Made it to the gym at 10am and met up with a friend, so great to have someone to work out with! Always gives me more motivation than going by myself. Resisted all temptation to stop at the Mcd's on my way into Post (sorry Myssi!). I forgot how much easier running gets everytime you go, makes me really miss my high school track days! 1.5 miles at 4.3 and 4.4 speed, knocked it down to 21 minutes. Not too bad! Next week schedule says 2 miles in under 30 minutes, will probably start running at 4.5 and getting my time down. Can't wait until my schedule has my Saturdays as longer runs, I really want to go down to the city and run in Central Park on Saturdays! Will have to wait until I get my Nike+ in so I can track my milage. Overall, successful first week and I feel GREAT!