Friday, January 29, 2010

Week Four

Week four includes bumping up the distance to 2.6 miles. As the milage gets longer I realize it's not that hard, by the time it goes up again I think I feel ready for it to go longer. I say that now, but not sure how I'm going to feel when it starts going above six miles! :)

Day 10, Jan 26: First day running 2.6 miles and I was really nervous about it. Turns out it went really well, and I was so excited when that 2.6 finally hit! What an accomplishment to actually run more than two miles (for me anyway). I stayed with my 4.8 pace, ran 25:34 for two miles and my full time was 33:04.

Day 11, Jan 28: Changed up my playlist which turned out to be a terrible idea. It wasn't very good and I was distracted the entire time. Plus my shorts didn't have the iPod pocket so I had to hold it, which was obnoxious. However I've started to get used to my new favorite treadmill, and at the end (before I do the cool down) I hit 'end workout' and it will tally up all my stats. Today my two miles were 25:06, my 2.6 was 32:37, I ran an average of 4.78 mph and my average mile time was 12:33. Not to bad! Definalty feeling great about this running thing. Saturday the running group is starting, however it's FREEZING outside so I think I'm going to forgo it this week. I don't think dying on my first outdoor run would be all that great....

Day 12, Jan 30: I'm horrible and have been forgetting to update my blog, so just adding this day's stats: Ran 2.6 in 32:41 at my 4.8mph pace average mile time was 12:34!

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