Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week Two

Day 4, Jan 12: Bumped up my distance to 2 miles, so that was a treat. I ran at 4.7 speed with a .5 incline, trying to bump up my time as well. It didn't hurt as bad as I was anticipating; my mile time was 12:55 and my 2 miles was 25:42! The only bad thing was I had no water. I went to buy a bottle prior to my workout, however I learned to actually check if the number you hit has water loaded...$1.25 waisted and a very thirsty Hannah for half an hour. Baaaad idea. We stretched afterward, something we have failed to remember to do yet. I noticed I wasn't nearly as sore when I woke up yesterday so yay! Two weeks of 2 miles before it goes up to 2.6 miles, I think this training schedule is very doable, and I'm happy to have people to do it with. Allison's FINALLY back from her adventures and will be joining me at the gym tonight, then Subway afterward. Whoohoo!

Day 5, Jan 14: Researched today and realized a good mile time for a half marathon is around 16 minutes, that would put my half at 3 hours and 19 minutes. So now my focus will be on PACE and DISTANCE rather than trying to go fast. Makes sense since I'll be running for longer, don't want to burn out! 2 miles again today, 4.7 speed ran in 26:47 with my first mile at 13:40. I ran my first mile then Allison walked in and I got distracted. Lesson learned with that one because apparently your treadmill restarts if you don't unpause it. Whoops. Felt pretty good after, did some more stretching and ready for Saturday's run! One thing I really need to focus on is to STOP EATING SUGAR AND CANDY. Seriously, it surrounds me and I can't stop. I'm eating Milk Duds right now.....sigh.

Day 6, Jan 16: Was at the office at 6:30am this morning (Saturday) to work the Gymnastics Open, so I took off about 11am to hit the gym. Was EXAUSTED so I didn't think it'd be that fun but Debbie and I kicked butt today! The treadmill decided to be really fun and was on pause for one minute before it restarted, so I guess I'll have to be more aware of my breaks. Or stop taking them. Ran at a spead of 4.6 no incline for 26:37, mile time 13:14. Went to Subway after the gym and got a sandwich, chocolate milk and yogurt. Trying to stay away from the sweets. UGH, temptations...

Next week is still 2 miles so working on my pace and getting set to go up to 2.6 miles for week four! Happy Running!

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