Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moving Mountains

Last Saturday, I hiked 4k feet up to summit Mt. Baldy, which sits at 10,064 feet in the air. It's a six mile climb from the parking lot to summit. It's a 4 mile hike if you go the right way back to your car, according to the loop. If you follow people you THINK know what they're doing, you end up hiking 6 miles back down, lose 6k feet in altitude, and end up five miles lower than your car is parked. And you know what, sometimes the unexpected journey, the one you didn't plan on, the one you didn't anticipate, ends up being the best way to go. Sometimes I feel like I'm so focused on the path in front of me, I don't know what's really ahead.

I love being outdoors. When we started our hike, there were people RUNNING up the trail. Well that's just insane. Until I realized it's probably phenomenal altitude training and my new goal is to run up it once before NYC. At least to the top of the chair lifts. Which I can take back down. But it's something.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Critters on the trail

Lobsters. All I can think about is Lobsters. Brooks came out with a limited edition shoe for the Boston Marathon last Friday, so of course I had to get them. Last year I got the NYC Marathon ones and I'm now running the NYC so figure, hey, maybe it's good luck. They're a different style then I usually run in, Launch, but I think they're going to run pretty well. Sometimes that's just the motivation you need to get out and get a good run in.

Training has been going so well, I'm amazed at what a difference being able to have the time and the weather to run makes. I want to get outside and go. Since last Sunday was Easter (yay!!) I did my long run on Saturday. I found myself missing running on Sunday, it was weird! And I'm so happy that I can get out and run this weekend, where normally I'd be working the WSU Baseball games for Mom's Weekend. Maybe someday I'll miss events, but right now I'm soaking up all the free time I can.

I've also noticed in the past few months I don't eat fast food anymore. It was so convenient in Pullman just to stop at McDonalds or Taco Bell or Cougar Country to grab breakfast or lunch/dinner. Maybe because I don't have those options easily accessible to me, or maybe because I really just don't want it. Although I have been craving a Chick-Fil-A shake lately....might have to satisfy that one :)

The food options here are crazy, the fruits and veggies alone are to die for. Things like artichokes are HUGE, I've never seen them so big! Having access to FRESH fruits and veggies, knowing they are grown in the area is such a difference in how I eat. It's been so much more fun to go shopping and prepare my meals, knowing that when I want to make something, I can actually find the food I'm looking for without having to hunt for it, or be sad when I know I live in a tiny town and can't get something. The fact that Trader Joes is right down the street helps too.

Yesterday I was running and noticed something in the grass in someone's lawn, I thought it was a rat for a second until I looked closer. It was a tiny baby possum! Cutest thing I've ever seen, I stood and watched it crawl around in the grass for a while before it made it's way back to the tree and started climbing it. I knew it's family was up there since I could hear momma possum making noise in the leaves. Luckily, Tucker hardly saw it so I got to watch this little life discover new territory for a while. Reminds me that it's ok to stop for a second and take in whats around.