Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Moving Mountains

Last Saturday, I hiked 4k feet up to summit Mt. Baldy, which sits at 10,064 feet in the air. It's a six mile climb from the parking lot to summit. It's a 4 mile hike if you go the right way back to your car, according to the loop. If you follow people you THINK know what they're doing, you end up hiking 6 miles back down, lose 6k feet in altitude, and end up five miles lower than your car is parked. And you know what, sometimes the unexpected journey, the one you didn't plan on, the one you didn't anticipate, ends up being the best way to go. Sometimes I feel like I'm so focused on the path in front of me, I don't know what's really ahead.

I love being outdoors. When we started our hike, there were people RUNNING up the trail. Well that's just insane. Until I realized it's probably phenomenal altitude training and my new goal is to run up it once before NYC. At least to the top of the chair lifts. Which I can take back down. But it's something.


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