Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week Five

So I forgot to update my blog, so a few of these aren't going to be as detailed as I'd like, just will have the stats.

Day 13, Feb 2: No running today, there was a fiasco with my poor car STILL in the shop and I became carless for a few days. Couldn't make it to the gym, hopefully this is the ONLY time it will happen. I left Debbie a message on her phone to tell her I couldn't make it but I wished her luck and let her know how proud of her I was. The next day she told me she was sitting in the parking lot not wanting to go in and got my message! Yay at least I motivated someone else to gym it up!

Day 14, Feb 4: Ran 2.6 miles in 32:39 at a speed of 4.8. My average mile time was 12:33. Exciting thing about this day is I SIGNED UP FOR THE HALF MARATHON!!! So I'm officially doing the race. Pretty exciting because it ended up closing a few days later, so I just got in. Guess it's time to actually work at it now! One of my friends from high school, who I haven't really spoken to since is going to be running it as well! She lives in Long Island with her husband and kids, when I put on my facebook I had signed up for it she said she wanted to do it to. So that's exciting!

Day 15, Feb 6: Always a treat to drag myself to the gym on a Saturday, especially when I had an actual Saturday off due to no games. But I ran and it went great. 2.6 miles in 32:36, average speed 4.8 and average mile time was 12:32! Moving up the distance again next week so should be interesting!

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