Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week Six

Distance is being bumped up along with starting the long-run Saturdays!

Day 16, Feb 9: Got my favorite treadmill and figured out I'm bumping up my distance by half miles. I ran 3.15 miles today WITHOUT STOPPING at an average speed of 4.78. Ran it in 39:31 with an average mile time of 12:33. I like that overall my average mile time is staying pretty consistant, it will make pacing myself for 13 miles a whole lot easier!

Day 17, Feb 11: 3.15 miles again at 39:25. Speed was at 4.8 and avg mile time 12:31

Day 18, Feb 13: Long-run Saturday. We had events in the afternoon so I had to get my butt out of bed early to finish running and have time to not be the smelly kid before I had to be at the Wrestling match. Plus today I ran 3.6 miles...3.6 MILES. That is quite a feat for someone who again, used to be a sprinter. I ran it an average speed of 4.8 miles, finished in 45:03 minutes with my average mile time at 12:31!

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