Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week Fourteen

So close to the race! Going through the final weeks before race day, learning how to pace myself more and gear up to taper down. Trying to eat better and not put bad things into my system.

Day 40, April 6: Did not go for a run, can't really remember why but it had to have been pretty important for me to miss a run now!

Day 41, April 8: GREAT run today. Ran the cadet area run, 5.12 miles. The only time I walked was up the hill by the cadet library, other than that ran the entire time! Ran it in 56:45, mile pace was 11:04 with a 5.41 mph. Not sure how I'm running at a quicker pace, but that probably needs to slow down a little bit. Can't burn out the first five miles and die after that!

Day 42, April 10: Was suppose to do another 12.5, but one of my Young Life girls wanted to try and run with me, so we did an 8.5 mile run out to Bear Mountain Bridge and back. AWESOME RUN. Ran the entire time without stopping and talked for most of it. So cool to mix my training with friends and learn how to run with other people. Should learn that since in a few weeks I'll be running with 40,000 of my closest girlfriends....Ran the 8.5 in an hour and 48 minutes. We averaged 12:25 a mile, which makes me a little more comfortable. I used my new running belt for the first time, Gatorade in two of the bottles and water in the other ones. Also put the jelly beans in the pouch. Worked AWESOME. Learning to run and drink at the same time. Granted, I will be drinking out of cups for my race, but that will give me good opportunity to slow down a bit and catch my breath. We did have some encounters. Right after we came back over the bridge we almost got attacked by some giant vulcher bird; Annie had to yell at it. People kept honking at us, which was slightly funny because we knew some of them. Oh the joys of road running.

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