Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week Sixteen

RAAAAAAAAAAAACE WEEK! I cannot believe it's been sixteen weeks since I started this journey. Looking back I could hardly run .6 miles without dying, now I'm running 13.1 miles this weekend. What a journey its been, to my first race. This is actually my first official race since my senior year in high school when I ran sprints in track. Wow, it's been nine years. As this week comes to a close I want to focus on carbo loading (peas are carbs...sorry Myssi, I will not focus on pea carbo loading) and protein. I've learned a lot from this experience, and can't wait until my race is over and I can focus on the next one!

Day 46 April 20: Tapering down continues as I'm only a few days away from race day. Ran up to the high school, took in a girls lacrosse game, then ran back home (and around Roe Park to get that extra mileage in). I went 3.45 miles, total run time was 37 minutes 14 seconds and ran a 10:46 average mile. Granted, I had stopped inbetween my running so got some rest. Need to be careful of my pace so I don't burn out come race day!!

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