Saturday, April 17, 2010

Week Fifteen

Almost there! I can't believe I've been training for over four months now. It feels like both it just started and I've been running forever. It's more of a routine now than something strange I decided to do. I've started saying "oh, I'm just doing five miles today" without any worries, where when I started this adventure I was dying at 1.5 miles and dreading the gym. This week marks another accomplishment. My friend Jac from college, she lives in DC now and we have been throwing around the idea of running a race together. She text me and said she's running a Marine Corps race in October in DC and I should run it too. I looked at the website and they have two races, a 10k and a full marathon. I asked which one, of course she's doing the full marathon. So...after 7 minutes of thinking (and seeing the race was already 98% full) I went for it. Why not? If I can complete a half marathon, and this full isn't for another 28 weeks, I can sufficently train for it. So on October 31, 2010 I will be running my first FULL marathon in Washington D.C. OH MY GOSH!!!

Day 43, April 13: Starting the taper down of miles ran process, so ran 3.91 miles today. Ran an 11:20 average, 5.29 mph. Pretty happy with the pace and starting to get so excited about my race!!!

Day 44, April 15: Working late for the NCAA Men's Gymnastics Championships so got to go into work late. Started my run a little after 8:30am, it was nice to start the morning with a run. Refreshing! Did the same taper 3.91 run, average 11:25, 5.24. It's nice to see my pace is staying fairly consistant with these runs.

Day 45, April 18: Final long run day. Still tapering down so I did my run to the Bear Mountain Bridge, across then back home. It is 8.68 miles there and back. Ran it in 1 hour 39 minutes, so 11:24/mile. Comfortable with keeping that pace, and knowing I can keep it during my race. Loving the fact it will probably get faster with adrenaline going through my system. Exactly one week until race day!!!

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