Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I seem to have lost my motivation and drive. Not quite sure where it has gone...but it has wandered away. I try to run but have been getting frusterated with it lately. I'm excited, willing to get out there, but not having much fun once I'm out. I may need to revamp things and get my priorities straight because it's not going to get any easier the more I slack off! The marathon can dangerously sneak up on me quick and being unprepared for that is not an option.

Excited to run the Virginia Beach half with Allison, it should be a weekend of accomplishment and joy, then a lot of relaxation on the beach :) This summer my goal is to focus on speed training, working on my pace time. Now that I know I can run a half marathon in 2:37 in the POURING DOWN RAIN, I know I have bigger goals to accomplish. I really would like to cut down that time. I have no idea what a good goal to accompish would be, what is realistic in time-cutting. If I ran it in 2:15 I would be extremely happy. My realistic goal is under 2:30, that is definatly do-able.

So as of right now changing my priorities and making this my main focus. I'm doing this for ME and I need to remember that. Running makes me feel good, it gives me time to myself to get away from the stress of life and run freely. I love to just throw on my iPod, get some good music going and just have time to myself. Well...we'll see how this goes :)

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