Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 26 countdown...

Here I go. Starting the official countdown until my MARATHON. Am I crazy? Sure am! Am I excited? SURE AM! Never ever when I started off the 2009 year I thought I'd be living in New York with a half-marathon under my belt training for a marathon. God is so good.

Set my alarm early for Tuesday and Wednesday. Both days were epic failers. Tried to get up early Thursday...another non-winner. BUT after work I threw on my running clothes and went out there. My AWESOME sorority sister Nicole had sent me some mail that I was suppose to get before my half but it was sent to my aunt's house. In one of the packages was a cd she made me of her favorite running songs. So I listened to it on my run today :) I ran 2.85 in 28 minutes at 10:01/mile.

Saturday is the post-wide yard sale which means I'm officially on the hunt for a bike for my crosstraining. Wish me luck!

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