Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week Nine

Slacker lately and letting life get in the way of my running too much! That and the snow really messed up with my running routine. I have to remember I can't let things get in the way. This race is so important to me and I want to finish with a decent time, I can't let other things overshadow my running.

Day 25, March 2: Went out with Allison so didn't go to the gym...again.

Day 26, March 4: Made it to the gym and ran 2.5 miles in 32:24. Was cramping up and couldn't breath very well, not sure why. It could have been because I hadn't had a good workout in a while. I need to work those things out SOON! Average mph was 4.77 and ran a 12:34 minute mile.

Day 27, March 6: GORGEOUS SPRING DAY! Blue skies and 55 degrees, so I got my running shoes on and decided to finally run outside. I met a lady from work at Thayer Gate and we ran to Lee gate and back, I ran 6.23 miles! I have NEVER ran that far, it felt so great at the end. I finished in 1 hour and 17 minutes. I ran an average of 4.76 mph and my mile time was 12:34. So comprible to what I was doing on the treadmill, with a more beautiful landscape. The hills were hard though, I had been running on 0% incline on the treadmill, so hilly West Point was a challenge. I found this AWESOME website called where you can make your own runs, see how far you're going and input the time, it will calculate everything else. I can even save my runs for future dates!

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