Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 1...

I'M BACK! Didn't I just start my running journey? Wasn't my first blog article titled "Week 1"? Well, here I go again (on my own...). Today marks my 18-week training journey to my first marathon, on October 31st down in DC. I'm running the Marine Corps Marathon with a friend from college and am SO EXCITED! I woke up ready to run this morning and my body said 'no Hannah, you were at work at about 6 am yesterday...get some sleep!" So I listened. Thank goodness I did because when I got home from work a box was waiting for me on the table. I open it, and it's my birthday present from my dad, GORGEOUS new running shoes. The Nike LunarGlide + to be exact. They are so cute! They're white and pink and grey and fit just right. My little sensor fits in the sole and my toes have room to wiggle. I was so happy I through them right on, ran upstairs and put on the rest of my running ensamble. Then went to get my hair cut and browse Target. And eat Taco Bell. (I had the healthy tacos, so I'm good!)

I came home, let the tacos digest, then grabbed my sportband and iPod and got ready to hit the pavement....until I realized my iPod had died. Blast, forgot to charge it. Put it back on the table and away I went. I was trucking along pretty good, they had the road by the library opened again so I didn't have to run up the hill by Michie. I go to walk up the little ramp and what do I see but 1400 new cadets being marched right where I was going to go...so I turned around (they have their time to learn to be awkward cadets, I didn't need to bowl through them). Back by the house, around Buffalo Soldiers and to the house. My watch said it was 3 miles and I ran it in 26 minutes, but when I mapped it the map said 2.6 miles so who knows. I might have to re-calbarate my band again with the new shoes. I still ran hard and it felt so good. The shoes worked well!

Overall, happy first day, but 71 more to come.....

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