Monday, September 8, 2014

My new plan

Sometimes plans don't work out the way you thought they would. I've noticed life in General is like this. You plan for one thing, and something different happens. I am learning to flow, to just go with life, trust God knows my plan better than me and do the best I can.
I really wanted to do a couple races this fall, but it's not in the cards. Something better came along. Right now, I get the opportunity to utilize what is available to me. We get free classes in the athletes weight room at work. So four times a week, I will be marching my butt down to the gym for strength and cardio. I need strength, I know it will make me a better runner. So that's my plan. To work really hard on what I need to do to become a better runner.
Something else came up, I thought about it, and along side some sorority sisters I will be running the Phoemix Marathon this February. I'm ecstatic. I always knew I'd still do a few more marathons. This one will be a challenge because I will have to train in Pullman during the winter, which will consist of snow, ice and below 0 temps. It will also be a great reward. Two dear friends who recently got married, one is my big sis from the sorority, will be competing in their first long distance race. They are both running the full marathon. I cannot WAIT for training to start and to be able to see their progress. To see the trials and triumphs and agony and finally, when they cross that finish line. The pure joy they will have when they get that medal. Course, it could go the other way and they could take me out for suggesting such foolishness. But I anticipate the former :) I also anticipate they, like so many others, will quickly be hooked.

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