Sunday, July 13, 2014

Training for races 12 & 13

Started training this week for a couple of races for the rest of the year. I am planning on a half near Denver last weekend in September and a full in Tucson, Arizona first weekend in December. Hopefully Elyce will join me on both of these! It's getting extremely hot out, so I've started running in the morning before work. It feels so good! I love starting my day with my shoes and the road before I get into work. There is something to be said about jumping out of bed and getting out there. I know training in the summer heat is hard, but if I can survive summer running in the summer in New York I can survive dry heat in the Palouse!
This week I ran 9.25 miles. I did miss two workouts, but that won't happen again. I'm ready to jump in fully and do even better on these next few races. Every week I'm going to put the amount of miles I ran in a savings account, so if I miss a run I'm only cheating myself! This account will fund my future running adventure s, I have to pay for London 2015 somehow!

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