Thursday, August 23, 2012

Injuries suck

Well, I have been laid up since about August 11 (think that was my last real run). Prior to my half marathon August 4 I had some pain in my hamstring, so taking full advantage of working in College Athletics I hobbled over to our athletic training room to see what advice they had. Stretch, ice...the norm. Said it should heal soon and I'll be back on the trail training for Chicago before I know it. This has been a SLOWER process than I anticipated. I hate not running. I didn't realize how much until I wasn't allowed to do it. All I want is to throw on some gear, crank some tunes and get out there. Patience is key....but mine is seriously lacking. I know in the long run its better, better than permanently injuring myself or having a nagging reoccurring injury. Whatever, it still sucks. Hoping to get back out there shortly, start off slow with a short run and work my way back up to finish off the last 5 weeks of training. I will finish the Chicago Marathon. One way or another I am determined to get that finishers medal and bragging rights, even if I have to walk. Course, after watching the Olympic Marathoners, I know the smart thing would be to stop if it’s so bad I can’t put pressure on it. I look up to Ryan Hall a lot; he is an amazing man both as a runner and in his faith in God. His first DNF was the Olympic Marathon, and I know that would take a lot of guts to know you have to stop and not finish something so monumental. Sometimes it is better to be smart I guess…

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