Friday, April 1, 2011

Run through the pain?

I hit a snafoo in my training last Tuesday when I was running. I was excited to do a 4.5 mile outside and ran from the gym to my house, I like to stop on the way to get gatorade. The cadets were walking back to the barracks when I was running and I really didn't want to run 'with' them so I had my housemate drop me off near the stadium. I started running down the hill when I got a sharp shooting pain in my ankle area! I stopped to stretch it out, but I couldn't run anymore and it hurt so bad to even walk! I hobbled to my car and drove home, to be promptly handed ice and Motrin.

Come to find out I injured my Achilles tendon so have been forced to sit out of any sort of training, couldn't even wear sneakers because of the swelling! Finally Wednesday I got on the elipticall, and today I ran about a mile and a half. Can't wait to get back out there, less than a month until the race! I can't believe it's sneaking up on me so fast, but excited at the same time!

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