Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This training experience has been a journey. It's been different from last year because last year was my first. Everything was new and exciting and I didn't know what to expect. Besides being mildly lazy, I ran into no real problems throughout my training and managed to finish the race in a semi-decent first time time. This year I wanted to really focus on training and have a time I'm wanting to hit for the race. I bumped my training to intermediate and turned into a 'real' athletic runner. This of course comes with some hurdles. Injuries from perhaps overtraining. I think that's what did me in with my heel, the speed and tempo training.

Maybe I'll be more ready for that type of training for my next race. For now, as I get into the last week before the race, I want to focus on finishing. Not just finishing, I still want to hit my goal time. I'd like to run it 2:10, pacing myself to 9:59/mile. My friend Allison has the same goal, so hopefully we'll keep each other on pace and finish strong!

Nashville will come with distraction, of course. How can it not with 3 women coming together in Country town USA? But I think we'll be good, keep focused and do this race.

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