Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New places to run

I'm excited to have a place to train...OUTSIDE...all year long. Sunday I took Tucker to the beach and we ran along the path there. It was gorgeous and soothing to be able to run near the beach with the waves crashing on the shore. There wasn't a ton of people since it was early on a Sunday, which makes running with the brown dog a little easier. The path down and back is only 6 miles, so after last weekend I'll need to move along to the Huntington path which is 12.8 miles one way. This will probably be the scene to the next 8 months of Sunday runs.

Each step in this process is grueling. Running is never easy (why would we do it if it was easy??), but having an end goal to this year is going to make it so much more rewarding. Getting to run for my baby nephew is going to give me energy in itself. To be able to cross that finish line in Central Park for Deaks, knowing he'll be right there with me gives me the motivation I need to put one foot in front of the other each day. Getting that medal will be something I'll forever treasure, more than any other race medal I've received, or will receive in the future. This is for him. The next 8 months are for him. Training to my highest potential...is for him.

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