Monday, December 16, 2013

Strength Training

I finally purchased the medicine ball, rolled out my yoga mat and booted up the Nike Training App on my phone for a lunchtime workout today. Since it's the holidays, and I have a deep love for anything with Christmas sugar, the Ab Burner seemed like a good one to start with.

My dog had other ideas. He thought the 6 pound ball was a new toy (more funny for me since he obviously couldn't do anything with it). I pushed him away and began my work out. TOUGH when strength training is not a normal part of the routine. The first times of anything are always hard, then it gets easier as time goes on. The Nike app has 15-60 min workouts and you choose the areas you want to work. There are 30 second or 1 minute routines that it filters through.

Side plank: each side 30 seconds...except when your dog pushes you over because he thinks its a game.

Swivel Frogger: push up position, swivel the legs under you (hard to explain without the video) and then frogger the legs close to your hands on the ground. Hard to do. Hard to do when your dog decides this position MUST mean he wiggles his 80 pound fuzzy body under you. I must have looked like I was in the dog is ready to play stance.

Got through 10 minutes of the workout before I was both sore, and tired of pushing the dog away. Next time, I'm getting a bone to occupy him while I attempt this again...

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