Monday, October 11, 2010

Training part 2

I've decided to stop being a slacker and start running again. I realized last week how much I miss it, how much I need it. Running isn't just something to do, it's a time to yourself to get into thoughts, relax and leave everything at the house and just GO. I think being so incredibly busy and NOT leaving time to run/excercise is a bad idea, you need an outlet for the energy and built up frusterations, so they don't get released another way.

I signed up for my next big run, the Rock and Roll Nashville half marathon on April 30, 2011. Allison and my aunt Gretchen are both running it as well, and it't the perfect time of year. Plus Nashville is just fun. So this is my focus. I want to be ready to go, be running weekly between 9-12 miles so when I start the hardcore training I'm ready. I want to cut down my time to under 2:15. I feel that is do-able considereing the last race was my first one and it was pouring down rain, not to mention I was slightly a slacker toward the end.

I defered the marathon to next year, I didn't feel I could adequitly prepare for it and do well. So, lets get this time down and let the training begin!

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  1. We can motivate each other.

    It's not a half-marathon, but it's something that I'm working toward.